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20 Häggstavägen
Tullinge, Stockholms län, 141 32


Stockholm Based Mountain Bike Coaching Company focusing on riding technic and skills.


AirTime for Dads EN

We teach you to jump your MTB safely and confidently in a progressing training




Jumps for Dads

Who is it for?

Suited for rider level 4 to 7

Suited for rider that have completed PROGRESS or FLOW

You are a confident trail rider but you lack confidence in your jumping abilities. Great Skills Day to take before AirTime if you are unsure that you have the level and confidence required.

This skill day is NOT restricted to to men with children. Everyone, reguarless of sex and fatherhood status is welcome as long as you want to learn to jump your bike. The name of the course only come fro the fact that almost all of riders that have shown interest in this course so far were over 35 years old male.

What will I need?

A good quality and well maintained mountain bike is essential for riding technical terrain safely. HT or Full suspension, XC, Trail, 'Enduro', it doesn't matter as long as it is safe to ride (if unsure give us a call or rent one from Flottsbro Bike Rental Centre)

A helmet to be wore at all time when on a bike and we also recommend keen pads and gloves. 

What will I do?

Bunny hops, slow speed drops, faster drops and table top jumps and maybe even a double jump  or two