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20 Häggstavägen
Tullinge, Stockholms län, 141 32


Stockholm Based Mountain Bike Coaching Company focusing on riding technic and skills.


AirTime+ EN


Who is it for?


Suited for riders that have completed PROGRESS or/and FLOW

Suited for riders level 7 to 9

Jumps come in all different shapes and sizes, so we’ll show you the different techniques to clear any type of jump at varied speeds. Any good rider can become a solid jumper with our progressive coaching course and the correct knowledge on how to improve. You’ll take away some solid drills to improve your jumping every time you hit the trails.

What will I need?

A good quality and well maintained mountain bike is essential for riding technical terrain safely. Full suspension or hard tail modern Trail or 'Enduro' is perfect for this course.

If unsure give us a call or rent one from 'Flottsbro Bike Rental Centre'

A helmet to be wore at all time when on a bike and we also recommend keen pads and gloves as well as elbow pads and a back plate if you have some.

What will i do?

Pump progression – Using correct body position, pumping and squashing to generate speed. Understanding the speed needed to jump, and improve balance.

Jump theory – The physics behind balanced jumping, explanations and demonstrations of the different techniques and when to use them.

Table-top session – Mastering balanced jumping through timing, speed and control. Grasping how to get safe air and land smoothly.

Pop and double jumps – Gaining maximum height off any jump and drills to improve your pop on every ride.

Advanced drops – Safe and effective technique for large drops with the textbook drills to improve. N.B. Very steep drops coaching takes place on our TECH course.

Coach led progression session with video feedback