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20 Häggstavägen
Tullinge, Stockholms län, 141 32


Stockholm Based Mountain Bike Coaching Company focusing on riding technic and skills.

Våra sponsorer

Våra sponsorer


Tack så jättemycket!!!

Alla som är involverade i Stockholm Bike Skills vill tacka följande företag för att de stödjer oss och MTB-samhället i stort:


Void Cycling

VOID Cycling is a Swedish bike clothing brand created by passionate riders. They are on a mission to fill the void between work and play, emotions and logic, the bike and the clothes. VOID Cycling is a constant reminder to take time off and focus on those soulful moments.

VOID Cycling perfectly merges Swedish design and high-end functionality with contemporary fashion. They bring fashion to cycling.

In 2013 they launched their first collection. Today the VOID product line covers many categories, from menswear to womenswear, jerseys to shorts, jackets to crews. Every single item is created from a need or a dream so you can push your own boundaries on the road or trails.

It's time for a change, cycling needs fashion and VOID Cycling offers you what you need for everyday cycling.

For 2017, VOID Cycling launch their first MTB Trails driven collection called ORBIT. We contacted them and they have been absolutely amazing so all coaches are lucky enough to be able to work and play in practical and great looking MTB apparel.

Check out the ORBIT collection here by VOID Cycling



Winner of the  2014 Enduro Magazine Inovation Award and giving back to the mountains bike community by supporting pro athletes, local racing team and sponsoring grass roots races, Mudhugger is epiphany of a mountain bike company worse supporting and be supported by.
Stockholm Bike Skills coaches are grateful and glad to keep they vision mud free in all condition thank to Front Race Mudhuggers

delivered free to Sweden from here 

And if it is good enough for 2015 DH world champion Loic Bruni, it is good enough for us.


Squirt Lube

When you ride your bike as often as we do in all weather and trails conditions, maintenance is not only important and time consuming.
This is why we use Squirt Lube and never ever have to clean our drive trail with more than water as brush and a rag (and this is when it was really really muddy out there)

Wax based long lasting lube, Squirt require no degreasing and you do not need to wipe out excess like normal lube saving both time and money while keeping your drive chain in prime condition and your shifting crisp and precise.

You can found out more about Squirt Lube and their other product here 

Free samples can be collected from us when you see us  or we can send you a link of the best places to order from base on your geographic location with free delivery. .Just come and say hello when you see us coaching or just having fun riding with friends and we will be happy to get you some to try out for yourself.