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20 Häggstavägen
Tullinge, Stockholms län, 141 32


Stockholm Based Mountain Bike Coaching Company focusing on riding technic and skills.


Basic for Ladies EN


Testosterone Free Skills Days Set

Who is it for?


Suited for rider level 1 to 4

The course curriculum is same as Basic 1, 2,& 3 

We just recognised that although there is no differences in the way men and women ride mountain bikes women have a lot more self preservation than men we do cover fear, how to reduce it and work with it and the mental side more in women’s skills days but will do the same in normal skills days if needed. Just less perceive pressure.  Sometimes the all male environment in a sport such as MTB is likely to create a testosterones fuel environment that not everyone feel comfortable with. For this reason we offer 2 sets of dates for Basic Skills Days 1,2&3 for ladies only.

What will i need?

Any well maintained mountain bike will be fine for those courses as long as it is safe to ride (no play, straight wheels and functioning brakes)

What will I do?

Basic 1-2-3 course mostly happen on flat ground (dirt or grass) and some easy green graded trails.

You will learn the basic set up for your mountain bike assuring that it works best for you on the trails as well as the fundamental maintenance knowledge for keep it always trails ready.

We will also quickly review essential side trail maintenance such as puncture, gear indexing etc...


On the bike, we will teach you the proper body positions, breaking technics, cornering and how to keep your tyres griping when encountering loose terrain as well as roots and rocks.

By the end of the 3 days courses, you will fell confident riding on most green and blue graded mountain bike trails.